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Thursday, September 14, 2006

BBM - My package has arrived!

Yesterday I received my Blogging by Mail package. My package was from Georgia in Sydney, Australia. What fun and interesting foodstuffs she included. For my sweet tooth, there are several chocolate items – Violet Crumble, Giant Caramello Koala (both candy) and Tim Tams (cookies/biscuits). I am a chocolate lover, so I know that I’ll enjoy these. I have actually tried Violet Crumble before – my boss is from Australia and was excited to find the full-sized bars at our local Cost Plus last Christmas. I’ve never tried TimTams, though I have heard raves about them (I think it was in a novel I read recently). And who wouldn’t love caramel and chocolate?

Georgia also included packets of some interesting spice mixtures from Australia. One is “Native BBQ Spice Mix”, to use on meats before grilling. The other is called “Ockkah – Aussie Dukkah,” and the packet says that to dip bread in olive oil and then sprinkle this spice on the bread. It can also be sprinkled on cooked fish, chicken or lamb. Both of these spices mixes have some ingredients that are mysterious to me – akudjura and wattleseed. I’m looking forward to researching these ingredients as well as trying out the spice mixes.

I am also going to enjoy the reading material that Georgia included. It is called “Good Living,” published by the Sydney Morning Herald, and at quick glance, it appears to be either the newspaper’s food section or perhaps its magazine section in which this particular issue focuses on food. I love to read English-language food magazines from other countries – I’ve been picking up “Good Food” and “Olives” (British food mags) at Borders for a few years now, and after hearing about Donna Hay in the blogs I picked up one of hers (from Australia) last month.

Lastly, Georgia included a jar of something that will be a great addition to my cocktail experiments – Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup. On the side of the jar is offered this suggestion of use – “Simply place a whole Wild Hibiscus Flower in the bottom of a champagne flute, pour in some syrup and fill up with bubbly. All the bubbles stream off and open up the flower. You can eat the flower; it has delicious raspberry and rhubarb flavour.” Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, Georgia didn’t include the name of her blog (or a link to it), so I can’t take a look at it. However, she mentioned in her postcard that she has read mine, so I’m hoping she reads this post – Georgia, if you are there, thank you so much for my package. I can’t wait to try everything – and I’d love to read your blog also – send me a link!

Addition to post: Stephanie, the Happy Sorceress at Dispensing Happiness and the organizer of this BBM, gave me the scoop on Georgia's blog - it is Mocktale, and I am having a great time reading it.


Blogger Georgia said...

Hi Lynda,

I'm so glad the parcel arrived intact! I had a look at your blog prior to sending it and thought the hibiscus might interest your cocktail loving self. they are ubiquitous at parties here at the moment. I have been reading about your basil infused vodka with keen interest lately. I have a bottle of lemongrass infused vodka patiently waiting for summer to arrive so I can get back into lychee lemongrass martinis.
The dukkah is great on fish but is best treated as a dip. Great with fresh cubes of turkish bread, which you dip in virgin olive oil and then the spice mix.

6:00 PM  
Blogger Lynda said...

Hi, Georgia -

I am hoping to get the chance to try the hibiscus this weekend - it sounds yummy.

10:20 AM  

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